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On any given day, you most likely interact with people who, like yourself, understand the need for globally-centered education and know how rare it is to find that in a small, nurturing community that celebrates the uniqueness of each member.  Personal referrals are crucial to the success of many businesses.  The same is true with schools.


The Verde Valley experience has been good for you.  Here’s your chance to pay it forward by referring a student.

The next time you’re tackling global topics with your peers, colleagues or even family members, tell them about your Verde Valley experience.  If a good prospect emerges from that conversation for our International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, enter that person’s details on the form below and submit it to us. We’ll send them information and follow up with a phone call to explain the steps to applying for admission to VVS.

You’re already a member of Verde Valley School’s worldwide network – here’s how you can help expand our ranks by becoming an honorary member of our worldwide recruiting team!


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