At VVS we spend the last week of school engaged in arts, service, and outdoor projects meant to inspire and challenge our students and to give back to our community. We call it Project Period.


Projects offered during our annual Project Period are designed to widen the VVS curriculum by adding something not included in our day-to-day, or by providing the opportunity to go into greater depth in an area already studied. Many projects are led by guest artists who travel from all over the country to take part in the week. Others allow students to see different sides of their teachers as they offer various projects showcasing their passions outside of their classroom subject. Click here to see a list of projects for May 2015.


Solitude: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a night alone in the woods? How about two? In this project, you’ll study the various traditions around the world that utilize solitary journeys for spiritual and transformative purposes.

Animation: Love Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Toy Story and other films? Curious about animation? Join a Pixar animator for the week to produce your own animated short film.

Creative Welding in Recycled Metal: Learn welding and create your own metal sculptures from recycled metal.

Aikido: Learn the Japanese martial art with sensei Al Krever.

Indie Film: Create your own film, beginning with writing a script, starring your classmates. Featuring guest artist NYC filmmaker Morgan Nichols.

Acting for Film: Collaboratively craft your story, write your script, cast your characters, design your set and costumes and then act your roles for the students in the Indie Film project who will direct you and film your movie.

Geocaching: Use a GPS receiver to hide and seek “geochaches” around campus and the Verde Valley.

Global Garden Artistry: Explores ways of creating artistic and functional components for the VVS global garden.

International Cooking: Introduces participants to the various tastes, cooking styles, ingredients and ways of enjoying food throughout the world.

Landscape Photography & Google Earth: Hike into Sedona’s backcountry, take beautiful photos and get your photos into Google Earth so everyone on the planet can see them.

Silk Screening: Learn the art of silk screening with guest artist Roger Peet, who joins art with social activism.

Recording Studio: Record, mix, and produce a musical recording at VVS’s on campus studio.

Spoken Word/Slam Poetry: Combine poetry with performance to learn the exciting art form of Slam Poetry – an unpredictable mixture of oratory, soliloquy and rap – with professional poet Logan Phillips.

Science of Baking: Learn how the science of baking is essential to consistent, repeatable, delicious results.

Circus Arts:  Focuses on aerial silks, acrobatic yoga, hula hoops, slack lines and various other circus arts with Sedona aerial artist Juanita Boseman.

A cappella: Learn about the unique art of a cappella music and arrange, learn, and perform several songs.